Green Horizon Environmental Management Inc.

We are committed to implementing environmental solutions that nurture a
sustainable future and lead to social and economic improvements
in community where we do business.


Why Choose Green Horizon Environmental Management Inc.

Green Horizon Environmental Management Inc. (GHEMI), is presently engaged in providing comprehensive waste management solutions. GHEMI’s manpower resources include key personnel who have extensive experience in the transport, treatment, recycling, storage, and disposal of toxic, non hazardous and hazardous wastes.

Integrated Services

As one-stop shop, we offer comprehensive waste management services that include transport, storage, treatment and disposal.

Trusted Partner

We work with passion. We collaborate with our clientele and work-out solutions that is affordable and mutually beneficial in the long term

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Now, it's easier to have the best quality services. To meet our customer's needs, we constantly monitor our services and deliver our promise.

Our Services

Green Horizon offers comprehensive waste management solutions.

Waste Transport
Storage and Disposal
Waste Treatment


Employment Opportunities

We have numerous opportunities for individuals who want to work in a
growth industry with outstanding benefits.

Our Clients